"People the world should know about." (Volume-6 "DOUG the Hammer SMITH")

An epic tale is forth coming here about my friend Doug Smith, but I'll say this right up front, Doug has been a friend of mine and  really like a brother, since I was 12 years old, we're still close friends, and I'm now 57 years old. He's the toughest cat I know and in more ways than one.  A boxer, a pro-hockey enforcer, inspiration and co-author behind the book GOON, now a double movie, GOON-1 and GOON-2, a high school and professional hockey coach, a police officer, a father, husband and dear friend- Doug has a heart of gold that most tough guys don't possess in their arsenal. Yes, you're confused about it now but, the story of Doug and I is epic and the new part of our tale is forth coming... Stay tuned folks and friends as you're about to learn about what real toughness, bravery and kindness is defined and called- Doug "the hammer" Smith, is what it's called.