"People the world should know about." (Volume-6 "DOUG the Hammer SMITH")

An epic tale is forth coming here about my friend Doug Smith, but I'll say this right up front, Doug has been a friend of mine and  really like a brother, since I was 12 years old, we're still close friends, and I'm now 57 years old. He's the toughest cat I know and in more ways than one.  A boxer, a pro-hockey enforcer, inspiration and co-author behind the book GOON, now a double movie, GOON-1 and GOON-2, a high school and professional hockey coach, a police officer, a father, husband and dear friend- Doug has a heart of gold that most tough guys don't possess in their arsenal. I can't leave out hero. Doug is my hero. He's about to give me one of his healthy kidneys... A long story I know, but this is something I've kept relatively quiet about for almost 7 years. I'll say more later, a lot more but for now, I suffered a terrible malpractice at South Shore Hospital in Weymouth Ma. almost 8 years ago. I went in with one issue and left there with 10 issues, major issues. My kidney transplant is one of the ten problems, all their doing. As I said, I'll tell all soon about that awful place. DO NOT EVER STEP FOOT IN SOUTH SHORE HOSPITAL IN WEYMOUTH MASS. They'll try t kill you and they'll lie about it... Stay tuned folks and friends as you learn what real toughness, bravery and kindness is defined as and is called, it's called- Doug "the hammer" Smith,

**This link below is a local news piece from Paul Burton of channel 4 news, Boston. It gives you an insight of what Doug Smith is sacrificing for me. Give a look and a listen.