"There isn't a time that music didn't make better.
-John Prine

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-Jon Frattasio has been performing music professionally for over 30 years and at times, playing over 300 dates a year.

-The Cape Cod times once wrote of Jon Frattasio being, "one of the hardest working troubadour's on Cape Cod, Boston, and the South Shore, playing his large variety of souped up folk music."

-An accomplished acoustic guitarist, writer and singer, Jon also draws from a diverse 3000 plus cover song catalogue, performing all occasions and venues from; bars, saloons and theaters to large and small private events and more.  A highlighted memory was when, Amy Lee, long-time sax player for Jimmy Buffett and Charles Neville to name a few, did a summer tour performing with Jon in small venues around New England, Amy remarks- " Jon is a gentleman but very much handles himself well out there in the variety of venues we performed. Jon's a total pro, possessing a unique and as pleasant a finger style guitar sound as I've ever heard."  Jon also highlights the many performances and shows he's produced and performed with Jimmy Buffett Coral Reefers'- Jim Mayer, Peter Mayer and Pete's son, Brendan Mayer, all world-class musicians, Buffett's no fool.

-Jon's 30 plus year music career has allowed him to perform all over Boston, Cape Cod and New England, also 14 years in Key West Florida. Jon's also performed in Las Vegas, Nashville, California, Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket... Who has hired Jon  over these years you may ask? In Boston- Cheers, Barking Crab, the Abbey in Southie, the Back Bay Restaurant Group venues, BBC's on the South Shore and Cape Cod, Mamma Mia's on the South Shore, Stevie G's breakfast gig in Rockland MA, Margaritaville Cafe' in Key West , Smokin' Tuna Saloon in Key West, Norwell Company Theater, East Bay Grill in Plymouth, New Seabury Resort on Cape Cod, Sassconnesset Golf Club on Cape Cod, Falmouth Golf Club, the Courtyard in Pocasset (Cape Cod), the Quarter Deck in Falmouth (Cape Cod), just to name a few. Jon also performs at several Senior Living facilities, always a highlight and special gig for Jon... Inquire below about hiring Jon to perform at your next event or occasion. 
"There's never been a time that music didn't make better." -John Prine/Mac McAnally

Facebook message Jon-   https://www.facebook.com/jon.frattasio/
Email message Jon-   j.frattasio@comcast.net

🎸-- Performing at MAMMA MIA'S in Marshfield on Saturday, December 2nd from, 7 to 10pm.
***Call: 781-834-3050 (93 Careswell St., Marshfield MA., Green Harbor)

🎸-- Performing at STEVIE G's in Rockland on Sunday, December 10th, from, 10am to 1pm.
"A great brunch, breakfast, mimosa cocktail, music and more."
***Call: 781-421-3287 (372 Market St., Rockland, MA) 

🎸-- Performing at the VOYAGE IRISH PUB on Humarock Beach, Friday, December 22nd from, 7 to 10pm.
***Call: 781-536-8098 (14 Marshfield Ave., Humarock)
 "My favorite Irish Pub, great food and the best frozen mudslide anywhere!" 

🎸-- Performing at the RANDOLPH ELKS HALL, December 31st, New Year's Eve from, 6 to 9pm. (PRIVATE)

***Looking forward to attending PETER MAYER'S, STAR'S & PROMISES, Christmas concert,  December 9th in Cambridge MA. (www.petermayer.com)

***Look for a 60 seat only show I'll be putting together in Hanover MA, with Scott Kirby this March 15th!

Video from Las Vegas at the, Fiesta Rancho Casino with world-class sax babe, "AMY LEE" also, Bob Doolittle, Bob Paluccio and me!

This tune- "Tequila Under the Bridge" by, the Massacoustics. I was proud to have inspired the entire song with Matt and Andy Thompson. They ended up going crazy on this tune (crazy in a good way) getting Buffett Coral Reefers- Peter Mayer, Jim Mayer, Mac MacAnally, Robert Grenidge and Mike Utley to be on the recording of this tune and the video. The tune was a birthday gift to friend and fellow troubadour- Scott Kirby. I'm proud of my writing credit on this tune, the Thompson's are world-class!

This interview with journalist, Paul Burton of Boston's channel 4 news, on CBS, was filmed on Friday, December 29th, 2023 at the Hanover Police Boy's Club.
Paul Burton is a heralded journalist and brother of sports reporter, Steve Burton of Boston's channel 4. Both brothers played college football at Northwestern University and have multiple high honor degrees.
This story is about Doug "the Hammer" Smith (Book GOON and two movies, GOON I and II), a life-long friend and my kidney donor match, Doug's nothing more than a genuine HERO to me. This is an incredible story. It's an act of real toughness, friendship, sacrifice, love and kindness that is difficult for me to articulate... Please give a listen... Thank you, PAUL BURTON and DOUG SMITH.​​​​