"People the world should know about." (Volume-5, DR. JOHN A. PARKER)

Dr. John A. Parker, (Jay), chiropractor, life-long friend, musician and athlete. I'm playing music in large part today because of Jay's encouragement 33 odd years ago when I was at a crossroads in my life. I'll always be grateful to Jay for all that encouragement, friendship and support that continues today.

Jay, a graduate of Hanover High School, where he was an all star and a captain of the varsity hockey team and, today an HHS hockey Hall of Famer. Jay  went on and starred in Hockey and academics at Holy Cross College. From there, earning entrance into the prestigious- Palmer Chiropractic College in Iowa where Jay was also a stand out student and now one of the most sought after doctor's of chiropractic anywhere in Massachusetts, going on a 40 plus year career. Jay is as well rounded a gentlemen as there is.  A chiropractor, guitar player, hockey player, an ocean going captain at one point and a huge supporter of our local music scene, dare I say, Jay is a renaissance man.

Jay has helped so many people with healthcare, wellness, spinal issues and more from; athletes, to kids, to our aging adults, even our pets. Dr Parker has always been and continues to be generous in our community with his time, expertise and several forms of assistance. "Jay Parker is someone the world should know about as far as I'm concerned."