"People the world should know about." (Volume-3, BOB DOOLITTLE)

Bob Doolittle, my life-long friend and mentor in many ways, is an 8-time Boston Music Award winner, Music store proprietor, sax player, guitar player, bass player and world-class human being. "This cat has been on the bus with me over 30 years." Sharing countless musical adventures with me, really too many to mention from playing- Great Woods Performance Center, theaters, to our Key West gigs, Vegas gigs, bars, saloons etc. Bob taught me so much about music it's hard to focus on just one thing. I think one of the most important lessons this great musician and wonderful friend has taught me is- as a player, listen and be yourself even when playing covers, be organic and be un-afraid. I love Bob for that. Boy, is it fun as heck having Bob Doolittle next to me on any gig! "Thanks Bob, you are a legend." -JF


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