This tune, "Sarasota" was written by- Jim Sylvia. It was recently re-arranged and re-recorded by me, with Buffett Coral Reefer's, Peter Mayer, Jim Mayer and producer/pianist. Eddie Grendga. This recording was presented to Jim Sylvia at his 70th birthday party on 09/27/21. Give it a listen. SONG CREDITS AND INFO: -Written by: Jim Sylvia -Re-arranged by: Jon Frattasio and Peter Mayer -Co-produced by: Jon Frattasio, Peter Mayer and Eddie Grendga -MUSICIANS: Peter Mayer- guitars, mandolin, vocals, arrangement, Jim Mayer- bass, Eddie Grendga- producer, piano, Jon Frattasio- arrangement, acoustic guitar, percussion, backing vocals. -Ocean waves and seagulls courtesy of Duxbury Beach, Duxbury MA. -Support, concept and collaborator- Dr. John A. Parker, "Jay"